English for children among the bubbles of thermal water

School has finished, the holidays are here and, with them, the urge to try out new experiences. And, as parents, you will certainly be looking for entertaining and exciting activities for your children. And what if we told you that, as well as enjoying this period, your children can learn a little English without realising it?

Likids, the only thermal spa for children

At CALDEA there is an area specially designed for children to have their first thermal experience: Likids. It is for the exclusive use of children between three and eight years old, who will be involved in varied activities for fitness and well-being, always carefully supervised by our monitors.


Under the constant supervision of our supervisors and experts in well-being, children at Likids engage in activities which help them both to develop their psychomotor abilities and to learn to relax. Among these activities there is an introduction to guided relaxation during a storytelling, and to games led in English, in the water.

Beauty Experience

One of the most popular activities, especially among the young girls, is our spa beauty treatment. Our monitors apply a face mask to the girls, containing products specially developed for children’s delicate skin, and they will even give the girls their first full manicure!

Move your body!

But there is no doubt that what delights children most is movement.
You will see how much they enjoy the Kidness Circuit! We prepare a series of games for them to play near the thermal lagoon, which is a small interaction swimming-pool, 40 cm deep, with water-beds, currents and water cannons. We help them to develop strength, flexibility and balance with the Likids Cross.

100% fun!

Best of all is that as well as learning English, relaxing, becoming more beautiful and developing their co-ordination, strength and flexibility, your children will have lots of fun! And, meanwhile, you parents will have time for yourselves alone (which is also welcome when one is on holiday).

Reserve your special family offer at CALDEA now, and take advantage of the summer to try out new sensations.

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