Let us explain the measures we are taking to control coronavirus

Medidas de prevención del coronavirus

At Caldea, we are continuing to work to ensure that we can open safely and guarantee that our facilities are “COVID-Free”. Below, we will explain the extraordinary measures we have taken with regard to extreme precautions within the centre. Because your well-being is very important to us, but so is your health and safety.

We are limiting the capacity of our facilities

In order to comply with safety measures and prevent the spread of coronavirus, we are following the health recommendations on social distancing. This means that we have reduced the capacity of the spas by two thirds to ensure that a distance of one and a half metres can be maintained between each person.

We are implementing extreme cleaning and disinfection measures

At Caldea, these measures have always been very much a part of our philosophy, but in the current circumstances we have intensified our hygiene and safety efforts to ensure we provide a COVID-free space.
We have implemented new cleaning and disinfection protocols involving the use of surfactant detergents and virucidal disinfectants. From now on, we will be placing extra emphasis on areas where more contact occurs, such as handles, handrails and lift buttons.
In addition, you will find disinfectant gel distributed across several spaces throughout the centre. We have also added new signs and posters which explain the safety measures that must be taken into account to avoid contagion.
By doing all of this, we are intensifying our efforts to ensure the safety measures within the centre.

Our thermal waters are being more intensively treated

The SARS-CoV-2 virus (which causes COVID-19 disease) has not been detected in water supplies or swimming pools, and we also know that it cannot be transmitted by water.
Even so, we are implementing new treatments on our thermal waters to make them even safer from COVID-19, while always keeping your safety in mind, as we do not want them to be harsh on your skin or your health.
The water in the lagoons will be replaced every day. And we are adding an extra level of disinfection through the application of an ultraviolet light treatment that destroys skin particles, fungi and viruses. As our thermal water is constantly recirculated through glass filters, any particles that may remain in the water will be removed.
We also use adequate quantities of chlorine to clean the water, while respecting its pH level and the applicable regulations. We manually perform two daily quality tests on the water, and the results can be viewed by our visitors.

We are implementing special measures for our staff

Firstly, we have created guidelines with recommendations that are tailored to each role, as well as more generic information posters. Furthermore, all personnel will receive masks and gloves and the entrances to the various work areas will be equipped with disinfectant gel and single-use wipes.
More specifically, methacrylate screens have been installed at the customer service points, and these will also be specially cleaned and disinfected. Our massage therapists will be issued with FFP2 face masks, surgical masks and disposable gowns.

If you would like more information on the coronavirus prevention measures we are putting in place, you can visit the page we have created or check the specific section on frequently asked questions. If you still have any doubts, please contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

If things continue as they are, we’ll be seeing each other again in July! 😉

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