The 3 must-see attractions at CALDEA


Do you want a summer that’s thrilling but relaxing at the same time? Then Caldea is the destination for you. A spa that’s much more than just a spa, where you’ll enjoy moments of absolute tranquillity and others that will leave you breathless. This summer, Caldea has 3 attractions that you can’t miss.

Storm: the acrobatics show for 2023

Storm will be performed from 5 to 26 August, at 11:40 a.m. and 9:40 p.m., and will feature an awesome thunder storm in the form of two characters who perform complex aerial straps acrobatics as if they were real lightning bolts. The show stars a duo of acrobats and aerial straps, with live music from an electric guitar or violin, as well as intense light and water effects that will make a splash in Thermoludic‘s indoor lagoon.

The summer magic is already here at Caldea!

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Cocktail Nights

They’re back! From 5 to 26 August, both days included, Inúu‘s Cocktail Nights will be spicing up Caldea’s Adults Only Spa from 19:30 to 21:30. We’ll be hosting a DJ set during which you can enjoy a free glass of Moët & Chandon’s new Chandon Garden Spritz. This beverage has no flavours or colourings and is made from an exceptional sparkling wine, Chandon Argentina Brut, combined with a maceration of orange peels with grape brandy, aromatic herbs from Argentina and Brazil, as well as spices from India, Central America and Madagascar.

You won’t want to miss it!

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Wellness workshops

Inúu is driven by excellence and takes care of every little detail to ensure customer satisfaction. That’s why admission to the spa gives you free access to the following wellness workshops.

Tibetan singing bowls: 45 minutes of peace and tranquillity during which you will take a sonic journey accompanied by the metallic and vibrating sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls. This unique sound is difficult to define, you simply have to feel it!

Mindfulness: Learn to calm your mind and body through guided meditation and movement.

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