[December 28th Joke] CALDEA opens a new outdoor pool on the 9th floor

Just a few weeks ago we announced the refurbishment and new features at INÚU, CALDEA’s Adults Only space. But… we have a surprise for you! From today, you can enjoy our thermal waters in a new pool on the 9th floor! 😀 [December 28th Joke]
Keep reading to find out about all the details of this new facility and how we built it.

The beginnings

Just like every year, when we plan a technical stop to improve our spaces, we look for new ways to surprise you and make your visit as memorable as possible. In 2017, we decided to draw inspiration from the famous pool in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands hotel, which is considered to be the best in the world.
The next step was to contact French architect Jean-Michel Ruols, who originally designed our iconic building, so we could get started with building the pool. And a few months later… we can finally unveil this project!

The pool

Put your swimsuit on and get into our new lagoon located at a height of approximately 80 m. Within an area of over 40 m2 you will find bubble beds for lying back and watching the sky, swan necks for relaxing your back, an area with multiple water jets and a corner with games for the little ones. The kids will love it!
From here, you can gaze at the mountains that surround CALDEA or enjoy the view of the streets below.

The secret

If you visited our facilities at some point in the last few months, you’re probably wondering why you didn’t see any evidence that a new pool was being built.
Besides wanting this new attraction to be a surprise to everyone, we didn’t want to alter the skyline of Escaldes-Engordany.
We therefore decided to spare no expense and we contacted none other than the world renowned Stark Industries to install Advanced Cloaking™ around the pool. This technology allows the facility to remain invisible to anyone who isn’t inside, and is famous for being featured in several action films like Spiderman: Homecoming. If you want to find out how it works, you can see an example here.
After construction was completed, we decided to keep it invisible so you can bathe in peace without worrying about being seen.

Plan your visit to Andorra, bring your swimsuit and be one of the first to enjoy this pool, which opens on the 28th of December.

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