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Are you one of those people who doesn’t have much time to cook and spends week nights scoffing down the first thing you can grab? If you started planning your meals and cooking them all in one go, you’d eat better, tastier and more nutritious food.
It’s time to try Batch Cooking!

The benefits of Batch Cooking

Surely you’ve heard about this new home cooking trend. Basically, it involves preparing a week’s worth of lunches and dinners at the same time, which means you’ll have to plan your meals as well as your shopping list.
Get organised: as you’ll only be cooking once, you’re going to need to be more organised and consider what you’ll need in advance. Success with this system requires pre-planning all your meals and your shopping list based on the ingredients you’re going to need.
Save time, energy and money: the idea behind this method is cooking all the food you’re going to eat during the week in one go. This means you can use the same utensils, water, broth, oven, etc. to prepare more than one dish, which reduces the amount of energy you consume. And you’ll also save at the supermarket, because you’ll only need to shop once a week with a carefully calculated shopping list, making it easier to avoid giving in to temptation!
•  Care for the environment: by producing less waste.
Eat better: preparing much healthier meals will help you to avoid spontaneous cravings.
Be more relaxed: in the mornings you won’t need to waste time thinking about what you’re going to do for food when you come home tired later on. You’ll just need to open the fridge, mix the pre-prepared ingredients, put them in Tupperware or on a plate, and you’re ready to go!

Once you’ve tried it you won’t be able to stop, Batch Cooking is here to stay.

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