The extravaganza returns to Caldea in August

You’re floating peacefully in Caldea when all of a sudden the lights go out… you’re surprised and you ask yourself, “What’s going on?” Then Javi Lin and the Iron Skulls take to the stage to bring rhythm to the summer nights with the Aküa show.

The dates

This will be happening Monday to Sunday from the 3rd to the 24th of August at 21:40 in Thermoludic’s central lagoon. Aküa is the show that features live music, dance and the interplay of light and water, which we’ve already enjoyed on special dates. Javi Lin will provide the live music with cover versions on his electric violin and the Iron Skulls will enhance the show with their dance moves and pirouettes to the beat of the music.


You’ll be able to make the most of the day, and then, when the sun starts to set, you can head over to Caldea to be entertained by Aküa. There’s no need to worry because in August we open at 10:00 and close at midnight.
We have various types of admission on offer, so you can choose the one that suits you best:

  • For families with kids aged 5 and up, or, if you fancy enjoying yourself in our spa, book the 3-hour night admission for Thermoludic.
  • If you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, purchase the 4-hour night admission for Inúu, Caldea’s adults only spa, and you’ll also be able to enjoy the workshops and activities that we’ll be running on these dates.
  • If you want a more complete experience, don’t miss the offer with 2-hour admission to Thermoludic, the show and dinner in the aquatic restaurant (including an Italian set-menu with Mediterranean touches consisting of a first course, second course and dessert).

And don’t forget that you can add a hotel to every type of admission to give your day in Andorra a fitting end.


So, save the date and pick a good spot to enjoy the show from.
(Don’t leave before we’ve told you where you can get the best view of Aküa: from one of our indoor lagoon’s hydromassage tubs… so get here early to secure a spot 😉)

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