Valentine’s Day at Inúu: a totally unique experience for couples

Things are heating up in February! Celebrate the most romantic time of the year and experience a magical Valentine’s Day at Inúu. Keep reading to find out how to surprise your partner.

Experience unique moments

You shouldn’t settle for just your average Valentine’s Day plans. If you truly want a romantic and unexpected gift for your significant other, Inúu is the perfect destination. “Travel” to Turkey in the thermal lagoon inspired by Pamukkale’s white travertine rock terraces, complete with water jets of varying intensities. Then, lie next to each other on the water beds in the Berlingot or the outdoor lagoon and, most importantly, don’t miss the outdoor Jacuzzi. You won’t have to worry about the cold. In spite of the harsh winter this year, the temperature of the water stays between 32 and 33 degrees! And between baths, you can share a moment in the hammam or the salt sauna. Your body will be very grateful.
You want more? Well, you can also get a relaxing massage or a beauty treatment to round off the day.

Valentine’s Day at Inúu = Private Spa

You can’t miss the Private Wellness on this special day. Relax as a couple in Caldea’s private spa which can be reserved for just the two of you and features a Jacuzzi, contrasting shower, sauna and a reactivation space with hammocks.
Give your partner a big surprise this year!

Complete the day by dining at Siam Shiki

The cherry on top of your Valentine’s Day at Inúu: dinner at the Siam Shiki restaurant, where you can enjoy the most exquisite and exotic dishes that Thai and Japanese cuisine have to offer. Share an assorted boat of different sushi, sashimi and maki or a plate of spring rolls and noodles with your partner. Make sure you leave enough room for dessert; whether traditional or chocolate-based, it’s the best way to end the most romantic day of the year!

Let the passion flow between you this Valentine’s Day at Inúu, experience the magic of the most romantic day of the year immersed in bubbles and thermal waters.
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