Safely submerge your smartphone at Caldea


Transform your smartphone into an underwater camera and take home unforgettable memories of your stay at Caldea.

Your smartphone is now 100% waterproof

You no longer need to worry about your smartphone every time you want to take a selfie near water. Now you can bring it with you when you visit Caldea and capture some epic photos, even underwater.
At Caldea, you can take advantage of waterproof smartphone pouches from the Vacway brand, who have been a trusted name on the international market for 5 years.
To achieve the waterproofing, your smartphone is vacuum sealed using the patented Vacway system. Thanks to their equipment and special pouches, your smartphone can be 100% submerged safely and without getting wet. And of course, the phone continues to be fully functional and the quality of your photos won’t degrade as the pouch is crystal clear and designed for use in aquatic settings.

Fill your Insta with unique photos

The Vacway system lets you take snaps and videos in total safety without risking your phone in the thermal baths and lagoons of our spas.
One of the best places to start taking photos is our panoramic lagoon, which hovers above the River Valira and provides 360º views. Its floor is completely transparent so you can take a photo or video of the bottom of the lagoon with the river running underneath, then instantly share it on social media.
At Easter, we will be putting on the Hydrox show, another perfect opportunity to make the most of the possibilities offered by the Vacway pouches. You can bring your phone to Thermoludic’s lagoon without worrying about getting it wet and capture your kids’ excited faces as they enjoy the show.
We think you’ll find that all your other favourite spots in Caldea will also be perfect backdrops for taking photos from a different perspective while you have a great time with your friends, partner or kids.

An exclusive service at Caldea

In Andorra, this smartphone waterproofing system can only be found at Caldea, both in Thermoludic and Inúu.
You can add this service when you book on our website or once you arrive at the spa.

Immerse yourself in our thermal waters and unleash your creativity!

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