The fashion trends that will define this winter

All the top designers have been displaying their collections throughout the year to show us what the winter’s trends may be. But which garments, colours and accessories have taken centre stage this season? Here are the key trends for fashion followers over the coming months.

A very diverse palette

Let’s bid farewell to dark and sombre clothes! This season, our wardrobes will be filled with bright and vibrant colours. Metallic tones will be part of almost every outfit, especially silver. But the two shades that will be the stars of the season are turquoise and “millennial” pink.

The best garments

It’s no secret that the 90s are back, and this winter a new variable will be added to the equation: sports style. Combining comfortable garments with more elegant outfits is a must for fashion success.

The fringed dress with rhinestones is a wardrobe essential this season, especially if you have an event or party to attend.

And last season’s star piece, the crop top, will be standing strong over the coming months, but new garments will be better adapted to wearing with winter jackets.


There’s no middle ground this season: accessories will be either XXL or mini. This trend applies to bags, earrings and necklaces.

As for shoes, the loose wrinkled boots that were so popular at the dawn of the decade will be making a big comeback this winter. And if you like wearing high heels, you’re in luck! Whatever your favourite type of shoe is, all heels will be a centimetre higher this season.

Now that you’re aware of all the keys to staying on-trend this winter, have a rummage in your wardrobe for all the garments you can reuse this season. Or you could come to Andorra and revamp your wardrobe in over 1,500 shops that will be waiting you.

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