This winter, Caldea’s new body treatments are in fashion!


A few weeks ago we told you about our novelties in beauty: cosmetic products from Sothys Paris which are friendly towards your skin, and friends with the environment, too. Today, we can show you the new body treatments which you mustn’t miss this winter. They are also ideal if you want to give a Christmas present to a fan of beauty treatments.

Rituals that relax the body

Indonesia Ancestral is what you need to re-balance your body’s energy with that of your mind. This whole-body massage includes a respiratory ritual based on an ancient Indonesian technique which will relax you completely. Just put yourself in the hands of our experts, and disconnect!
The Sothys Japanese Hanakasumi ritual, lasting one hour, begins with body exfoliation, continues with a complete massage, and ends with the soles of the feet. It is based on the Japanese bath ceremony and uses products containing natural cherry and lotus blossom, which revitalise and nourish the skin. The relaxing effect is instant!

Treatments for corporal beauty

No-one can doubt the importance of caring for the skin of the face. But it is also essential to take care of your body’s dermis. Sothys has personalised body treatments, which are ideal for restoring your skin and preparing it for the cold weather.
The basic 75-minute treatment includes body peeling with marine salts and sugar. It continues with a massage, to be chosen from among four textures (oil, cream, wax or shea butter) and then one of the six sensory escapes.
If you prefer an even more intense treatment, you should try the Sothys intensive personalised treatment, lasting 90 minutes, which, in addition to everything that we have just mentioned, is rounded off with a personalised wrap. The result: skin that is silky and smooth.

Massages for remodelling the figure.

Other innovations which you will find at Caldea, thanks to Sothys, an exclusive brand in Andorra, are treatments which will help you to remodel your figure. Sothys Athletics, lasting 45 minutes, is ideal for toning up the skin before a sports activity. The massage with warming effect is accompanied by a mousse wrap, with a choice between a ‘relaxation’ effect or a ‘silhouette’ effect.
With the Emblem of Slimming, lasting one hour, you get down to work to reduce all types of cellulitis. You begin with an enveloping scrub to prepare the skin, following by an application of wax to your taste, and finishing with a reducing massage.

This winter, don’t miss the innovations in Sothys body treatments, which you can only find at Caldea.

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