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The summer draws to a close, September arrives and brings with it the perfect opportunity to give your skin a break. After two months of intense sun, your dermis needs a little bit of rest to prepare for the cold winter ahead.
This is why autumn is the perfect time to give your skin that extra care that will let you restore its natural beauty while preventing wrinkles and blemishes.
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Udvarthanam, one of the innovations for this autumn

If you’re passionate about oriental massages, then you need to try this Ayurveda treatment that removes the dead cells from your whole body with a unique preparation of ground herbs applied in the form of an oil. In addition to its powerful exfoliating action, this treatment provides other benefits like improved circulation, anti-cellulite properties and easing joint pain.
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African gommage and argan oil

This body treatment will purify and oxygenate your skin with certified 100% biological cosmetic products. What does it involve? The hammam to open your pores, total exfoliation of your skin with horsehair gloves and artisanal black soap from Morocco, which is then applied to your hair during a cranial massage. This is followed by a cleansing shower and complete body and facial moisturising with argan oil.
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Citrus Body Scrub, a classic that never fails

If you feel that your skin has become dehydrated and lost elasticity, then it’s time to try this protective antioxidant treatment. We will exfoliate the surface of your dermis with natural botanical products, resulting in clean, hydrated and silky-smooth skin.
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Diamond, a lifting effect for your face

Natura Bissé have another interesting suggestion. The Diamond treatment acts like a real cosmetic facelift by regenerating the skin from its deepest layers, replenishing hydration and providing natural firmness.
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The Cure, the basic essential by Natura Bissé

This detoxifying facial treatment, based on basic hygiene, will return all the radiance and vitality to your skin in just 30 minutes. Repairing agents clear impurities from your skin, while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines.
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It doesn’t matter which treatment you choose!
All of them will deeply cleanse and hydrate your skin to return the elasticity that was lost over the summer months.
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