Freeze the passage of time at INÚU, CALDEA’s Adults Only space.

You have certainly sometimes wanted to stop the passage of time so that absolutely nothing changes… or to be able to deep-clean your face without damaging your skin, to prevent the appearance of wrinkles later on… shall we make this happen?
We present, below, one of the most delicate treatments on our menu. It is also the one with the most visible effects: The Cure de Natura Bissé.
Would you like to learn about it?

What does it consist of?

At the beginning of the session, our masseurs’ hands will prepare your skin by softening the impurities in your face using a delicate chemical peeling procedure. After removing the product with lotion, they will place a mask of white clay on you and then apply steam to open your pores, while you relax on our treatment table.
Now it’s time for the deep cleaning! With all the care in the world, our specialists will remove all the dirt and black spots from your cutis, leaving your face 100% clean.
And to finish off, they will close your pores again with a moisturising mask so that you leave the treatment session all radiant, and with a radiant skin. .

Ok, yes… so what?

So The Cure is just a few little massages and creams!
While you are enjoying being pampered by our masseurs, your skin will be absorbing the Natura Bissé products and becoming stronger and healthier from inside. Moreover, by having it cleaned so delicately you will avoid damaging it and will thus prevent it from ageing rapidly, thus freezing the passage of time.
You will notice the effects as soon as you leave our Centre! You will see how much brighter and fresher your skin is.

You will erase the signs of the passage of time!

You find it hard to believe us? Come and see for yourself!
Reserve your entry package for INÚU + The Cure. Relax, have a great time (or do both things!) and let us know, through your comments or through our social networks, your opinion of this revolutionary beauty treatment.
We are waiting for you!

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