Care for your skin during winter: top beauty treatments at Caldea

While it may seem like the summer is the time of year when you need to care for your skin, the truth is that you can pamper it throughout the year. During winter, the most sensitive area is your face, as it is the part of our bodies that is most exposed to the harshness of the weather.
We suggest that you try Caldea’s best beauty treatments, you’ll notice the results on your face as they prepare your skin for the arrival of spring and summer.
Discover our TOP beauty treatments!

This treatment is one of the basics from Natura Bissé, a leading brand in cosmetics and skincare. It will give you more luminous skin in just 30 minutes, an effect that can be seen after just one session. In the case of skin that is dull or damaged by the harsh winter, it will remove imperfections while giving you a spectacular glow.
This treatment is an ideal preparation as it boosts the effects of deeper and more specific treatments. It involves a deep facial cleansing that instantly cleans and oxygenates the complexion. Meanwhile, the pleasant aromas of the Natura Bissé products will help you to relax while your skin is rejuvenated.

After you try The Cure, you’re going to want more!
So it’s the perfect time to progress to The 60-minute Cure, which provides much deeper rejuvenation with an equally pleasurable experience.
It’s best to repeat this treatment twice (once a month) to achieve more intense and lasting cleansing. This ritual is exceptionally hydrating, purifying, rejuvenating and, like the 30-minute version, the effects will be visible at the end of the session.
The first phase opens the pores with specialised products, a detoxifying massage, a micro-stimulating mask and moisturiser with tint. Once the pores are open, they are cleansed and treated with great care to avoid too much aggression which can cause redness or irritation. To finish, the pores are smoothed and closed once again.
The result: brighter, smoother skin with a more youthful appearance.

With your skin deeply cleansed and purified, it’s time to try our red carpet treatment: Diamond Lifting by Natura Bissé, an essential for stars like Beyoncé.
This treatment focuses on the face and has the power to regenerate and revitalise the skin. Natura Bissé has combined intensely powerful and rejuvenating active ingredients with innovative massage protocols that allow them to penetrate your complexion. This way, they are able to firm your skin and smooth the wrinkles and expression lines that appear over time. A genuine facelift which also deeply hydrates the skin while restoring its elasticity and luminosity.

So now you know how to get skin as radiant and luminous as your favourite celebrities. Start right away with The 30-minute Cure treatment and follow our tips so you can show off movie star skin this spring and summer.
Do you want to sparkle like the stars?

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