What is there to see in Andorra in Spring?

In winter, the snow. In summer, the mountains. But in spring?

You may think that, in this season, Andorra is boring and uninteresting. So read on, and change your ideas!

We have a lot to offer you that will tempt you to escape for a week-end, or for one of May’s long week-ends, to discover new things in the little country in the Pyrenees.


Now is the time to put on some good shoes and to discover some of the tracks that traverse the country. To see Andorra’s fauna and flora at first hand, from the various paths which are adapted for use by all levels and ages. If you go with your family, we recommend the Lake of Engolasters: the route to this famous spot is short and easy.

If you are seeking a little more difficulty: start at Juberri and follow the route as far as La Rabassa, which is 5.47 km away, and 700 m higher.

But if what you want is to reach one of the most impressive peaks in the Principality, get ready to tackle the summit of the Casamanya, whose altitude is no less than 2,740 metres.


Interest in shopping is never-ending!

Although this is not the ‘high season’, the shops in Andorra don’t close. What is the result? That more than 1,000 shops await you in the country’s shopping streets and avenues, offering the most fashionable clothes for this season, the latest technological gadgets and your favourite cosmetics at the best prices.


In Andorra you will find museums to suit all tastes.

You will be able to discover our history and the origins of our culture in places such as the Museum of Tobacco, the Casa Areny-Plandolit or the Casa de la Vall.

There are two indispensable visits for car enthusiasts: the automobile museum and the ‘World Champions by 99’ Museum.

If you’re a bit unconventional, there is a museum for you, too: the ‘Comic’, in the village of La Massana.

And if you want to contemplate some of the most impressive paintings of the past few centuries, don’t miss the “Allées et venues” exhibition at the Andorra Carmen Thyssen Museum.

Do you still consider that in this season there is nothing to do here?

Forget your misconceptions, accept one of our CALDEA + hotel offers, reserve now, and come and discover all the facets of Andorra in Spring.

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