Likids, the Caldea children’s spa, is the best choice for your kids this summer

At Caldea, you’ll find the perfect place to enjoy the summer holidays with your whole family. Both big and small are welcome here. Adults who want to spend some time relaxing in the thermal waters, the Jacuzzis, the sauna, the Turkish bath or even the sun, will find everything they need in Thermoludic. And we also have the perfect place for children: Likids, the thermal spa where they can have loads of fun while they learn.

Likids: the perfect place for your little ones

The equipment, as well as the environment and the spaces in Likids have been designed with little ones in mind. Just like Thermoludic, the Caldea children’s spa is also split up into areas that are dedicated to different activities.
In the thermal lagoon, where the water is never deeper than 40 centimetres, they will find water beds, an area with currents and another with water cannons. All are perfectly controlled and use low-intensity water pressure to guarantee a fun time for everyone.
On the soft beach, the kids will discover another play area with dunes of various sizes that simulate bubbles, where they can lie or sit with the aim of developing their psychomotor skills. There is also a mini-Jacuzzi so they can have the full thermal experience just like their parents.
From the moment they arrive until the time comes to leave, children aged 3 to 8 will engage in a variety of activities guided by our supervisors, so they can learn about the spa experience through play.

Likids: the place where they’re sure to have a great time

Our supervisors have prepared a thousand and one games and activities so little ones will have a wonderful experience which they’re certain to tell their parents all about when they go to find them afterwards. While they’re discovering the world of thermalism and wellness, they can also get a little beauty treatment like a manicure or a face mask, with products and protocols that are fully tailored to our smallest clients. And they’ll receive an introduction to the world of disconnection thanks to the yoga classes or a relaxation session guided through storytelling. They’ll also have some active time to move their bodies with games in the thermal lagoon or a Cross Likids class. And let’s not forget the different shows and animations
An interesting bonus is that some of these activities are carried out in English in high season. Check the schedules here.

Likids: only for the littlest ones

This space is exclusively for children aged 3 to 8.
The entrance can be found inside the Thermoludic space. Parents must accompany their children to the door of Likids, a supervisor will then take charge of them from the moment they enter right up until they leave. In August, Likids is open every day from 10:00 until 21:30 and admission is for 3 hours, just like it is for the adults. Pay attention to the age limits: the littlest ones (3 to 4 years) may only access this space, however, those aged 5 to 8 can combine Likids with Thermoludic, but they must always be accompanied by their parents in the latter space.

Does this seem like a wonderful family holiday? All we can say is that your kids will leave very happy, and you even more so 😉 For August, book Caldea with children: admission to Thermoludic for the adults and admission to Likids for the children. If you visit with at least 2 children and 2 adults, don’t forget that you can book the family packs.

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