Mountain skiing is in fashion. Are you ready to try it?

Ski randonnée en Andorre

If you are an Alpine skiing enthusiast, you will have noticed that, more and more frequently, you find yourself sharing the slopes with some remarkable skiers who go up some of the peaks without using the ski-lifts: they are the devotees of mountain skiing, cross-country skiing, rando or skimo… four names for the same sport (although, for purists, there are slight differences between them) which is becoming more and more trendy at the ski resorts of Andorra, the Pyrenees and the Alps.

A sport in vogue among week-end skiers

Mountain skiing is gathering followers from among Alpine skiers, and also among beginners in skiing. Although to go up and down mountains off the slopes one certainly needs a good technique, almost everyone can practise this sport next to the slopes. You only need the skiing equipment and a little bit of balance.

Skiing without fixed times and without a ski pass

Perhaps these are some of the reasons why mountain skiing never ceases to gain in popularity. To go mountain skiing one doesn’t need a ski pass for the slopes, and there is no strict timetable like the one for Alpine skiing. Can you imagine yourself getting up early and seeing the sun rise as you gradually ascend the mountain?

An excellent way of keeping fit

Mountain skiing is a very complete sport which will suit you very well if you like running and want to get ready for the Spring season. You will continue to develop your heart’s capacity without much effort, and it will also be very good for your joints . Moreover, you will have all the benefits of training at altitude.

Combine it with Caldea

After a day of intense activity on the slopes, you know that you will have to give your muscles a little rest. And what better way to do this than among the bubbles of our Jacuzzis and our water-beds, taking advantage of the benefits brought to your organism by the thermal water? (Baths in our Centre are entirely for leisure purposes).

This winter, try the fashionable sport on the slopes, and afterwards, reward yourself with an evening/night at Caldea, with dinner included. Are you up for it?

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