Space, a show from the waters

August nights at CALDEA will seduce you as you become immersed in the magic of the shows that we’ve prepared especially for you.
You haven’t seen them yet? Here’s a little appetiser so you can connect your senses. By the end, you’ll be desperate to come!

In the INÚU space

If you have booked a getaway as a couple or with friends this summer, in CALDEA’s Adults Only space you’ll be able to watch the first show designed especially for INÚU. Javi Lin, with the melodies of his electric violin and the lightshow on the tower, will activate our senses and treat us to an incredible evening. And to complete the experience, we have prepared a selection of our finest cocktails so you can sample them for free while you enjoy the show.
And if you want more, grab your bathrobe and head to Thermoludic’s central lagoon to continue enjoying the best that the night has to offer in CALDEA.

When: 4-25 August

Time: 21:20

In the Thermoludic space

Just imagine it: you’re in the warm thermal waters of the central lagoon, when suddenly, the lights go out! When they come back up, you are surrounded by the music of Javi Lin’s electric violin as acrobats Paola Quistini and Ada Ossola perform their Aquabowl & Pole show. You are sure to enjoy the irresistible combination of live music with acrobatics and the interplay of light and water. Perfect for the whole family, both large and small (from 5 years old).
Guaranteed to impress!

When: 4-25 August

Time: 22:00

We bet you’re already picturing yourself in the water enjoying the magic of the show, right? Well stop dreaming and come and experience it!
You can combine the show with a two-hour admission to Thermoludic and dinner at the aquatic restaurant. Or purchase afternoon admission to Inúu.
And if you want your getaway to be even more special, don’t miss out on our offers with accommodation. Book now to avoid disappointment.

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