Caldea is a spa, but it’s also much more than a spa

Caldea, what do you come here in search of?” is the question behind the new campaign that we have launched in our thermal spa this spring.
With the Sensation campaign, Caldea is highlighting that it is much more than just a thermal spa: it is a ssspaaactacular! With the experience of our guests as the focal point, the campaign divides Caldea into 4 worlds that demonstrate the different sensations which can be experienced on a visit to this Andorran thermal centre.

Flying, in the panoramic lagoon

And a spa where you can fly on a starry night! This is the title of the sensation of bathing in a lagoon that hovers over a river, where you can see the ground below thanks to the transparent bottom. What’s more, you can enjoy it at any time of day, even on a starry night, as Caldea is open until 10 p.m. or midnight in summer (View the timetable).
You may not have heard of it yet, as it opened in July 2021, but it is undoubtedly an essential part of any visit to Caldea.

Revitalisation, with wellness treatments

Massages and treatments also appear in this campaign: The sensation of rejuvenation surrounded by a thousand hands.
Caldea has many options for revitalising yourself with its expert professionals and the most innovative treatments. From traditional body massages or those localised on one or two body parts, to Asian massages such as Shiatsu or Ayurveda. You can also enjoy beauty treatments with products from Sothys Paris, which also include organic treatments that care for both your skin and the environment.

Fusion, bathing in Inúu: Caldea’s adults-only spa

With the slogan “A spa where you can fuse together…” we present the sensations that can be experienced at Inúu, the thermal centre intended exclusively for people over 16 years of age.
A spa where you can bathe in the thermal lagoons, discover the benefits of the salt sauna or sunbathe on the water beds in the outdoor lagoon. And for a more intimate experience, enjoy the Private Wellness, an exclusive private spa that you can reserve as a couple or for a maximum of 4 people.

Flavour, indulge yourself with our gastronomy

Dining is another of the key elements of the new campaign: A spa where you can enjoy an explosion of flavours.
Caldea boasts two different gastronomic offerings. The Blu restaurant has a menu featuring dishes inspired by French cuisine, in addition to pizzas and pasta. While the Siam Shiki restaurant specialises in Thai and Japanese cuisine.

Sensation is the campaign that will showcase the 4 worlds of sensations that can be experienced at Caldea. Launched in spring, it will run until autumn to highlight each of them.
How about you, what are you in search of when you visit Caldea?

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