Caldea launches the selection of the team that will design the hotel project in its glass tower.

The international process will end in June 2021 with the selection of a multidisciplinary team made up of an architect, engineers and technicians specialising in new technologies.

The project, clearly focused on environmentally conscious architecture, is due to start construction in autumn 2021.

Caldea, Andorra’s thermal spa, has begun the process of selecting the team that will design the construction project for the Hotel to be located in the Caldea Tower, the most emblematic building in Andorra. This process will take place in two stages, a first phase of pre-selection of candidates and a second phase of ideas competition in which only the finalist teams will have to draw up and present their concept. The aim is to announce the winning project in mid-May. The process will be open to professionals who are members of any Official College in Andorra, Spain and France with experience in similar, modern projects, in which technology and sustainability coexist in harmony.

In order to participate in the process, applicants must have a technical team made up of at least one architect specialising in energy efficiency and bioclimatic architecture, a team of engineers, an installation team and a structural team specialising in curtain walls, an interior designer, and technicians in new technologies (lighting and home automation). Applicants will have to go through two phases and in the first stage they will only be required to compile a dossier to present the CVs of all the members of the team and previous projects similar to this one.

From all the applications, up to five teams will be selected from which the technical profile of each member and that of the group will be assessed, as well as the technical and artistic quality of the projects developed, which must be innovative and clearly oriented towards environmentally conscious architecture. The teams selected in this first stage of the process will be able to participate in the final ideas competition in which they will have to present a first draft of the project idea.

The first block of documentation with the curriculum vitae and the portfolio should be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected] by 1 March 2021. The finalists of this first phase will be confirmed on 1 April and will be eligible to enter the ideas competition. The deadline for submitting the idea will be 3 May. The process will culminate at the beginning of June with the selection of the Caldea Hotel project team and construction work should begin in autumn.

Download here the convocation notice.


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