Looking for a moment for you? In our water circuit you can find it!

If you’ve been going at a thousand miles per hour and noticed that your body needs a break, it’s time to visit CALDEA and enjoy a relaxation circuit. Let us suggest an example route, although there are many possibilities as long as you respect the instructions we are going to give you.
Do you want to start disconnecting from the world?

Better in the morning

If you are seeking a more quiet and tranquil atmosphere, don’t hesitate to visit CALDEA in the morning. We have prepared a special offer for admission between 10 a.m. and midday that also lets you access the Origins space and its themed baths. All this for just €27/person!

The key is in the contrasts

If your body and mind is going to be able to relax, it is important that you play with contrasting temperatures and sensations during your visit. You can start by completely submerging yourself in our large indoor lagoon. Float face up and enjoy a moment of serenity and calm… then head outside! Feel the fresh air on your face while you let yourself get carried away on the water currents in the outdoor part of the circuit.
Now go back indoors and head for the Indo-Roman baths. Begin by bathing in the warm water (36ºC) for approximately three minutes in a space inspired by the cave baths of Elephanta Island in India, not far from Mumbai. Once that’s over, submerge yourself in the cold water (14ºC) for 20 or 30 seconds and feel your body reactivate. Afterwards, you can rest for a few minutes in the relaxation area.
The next stage that we suggest will bring you to the Icelandic bath. In this space, which is inspired by the geothermic contrasts of Iceland, you will find our hammam with eucalyptus vapours and just in front of it, the cold bath. You can also stimulate your body with the ice that you will find right next to it and let your feet get a few moments of relaxation in the footbath. It is essential that you always maintain the rhythm of the contrasts: hot then cold (always finishing with cold).
You’ll now be close to the sauna, so take this opportunity to enjoy its relaxation benefits. Try to last for at least 15 minutes and then give your body a thorough cold shower.

More contrasts in the Origins space

The moment has come to take the stairs up to Origins, a space that is usually reserved for people who have booked one of our massages, but is included for free in the special offer for morning admission to CALDEA that we mentioned earlier.
Here you can enjoy the grapefruit bath, inspired by Japanese gardens, where you can gently exfoliate your skin by rubbing these fruits on your body. Then it’s time to change the environment and journey back to the ancient culture of the Aztecs with a bath that will release the tension that can build up in the soles of your feet. Some gentle currents will accompany you as you walk on little stones that gently massage the bottom of your feet.
To finish, you can head to the outdoor Jacuzzi and relax as you gaze at the mountains; get some sun in one of the hammocks in the solarium or try the hammam in this space to see how it compares to the one from earlier.

As you can see, at CALDEA there are a whole host of spaces in which to enjoy the thermal water in all its different states (steam, ice, hot, cold…). The important thing is not the order in which you enjoy them, but always maintaining the alternation between hot and cold to allow your mind and body to escape from it all. Do you dare to try it?

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