Caldea is preparing a week full of entertainment to commemorate its 25th anniversary


The starting gun for the celebration will be fired on 25th March, and the various institutions will play a leading role.

On 26th there will be a party exclusively for shareholders, and from 26th to 31st, a programme of performances and shows for the general public, designed by Andorra’s thermal spa.

Escaldes-Engordany, 18th March, 2019.– On Monday, 25th March, Caldea begins celebrating its 25th anniversary with an institutional lunch which will represent the starting gun for an extensive programme of events that will last for the whole week. On 26th there will be a party exclusively for shareholders, and from then until Sunday 31st the spa will offer entertainment for the general public.

The institutional lunch, which be at 1.30 p.m. on 25th in Caldea’s Mediterranean Restaurant, will mark the beginning of the commemorative events. It will be attended by about fifty representatives of institutions connected with the project, such as members of the Comú of Escaldes-Engordany and of the Board of Directors and management of Caldea, among others, who have contributed to the creation and expansion of the thermal centre.

A festive programme full of entertainment, and a fireworks display as well

On 26th, from 4.30 p.m. until the centre closes, visitors to Caldea will be able to watch a live show by the Deivas, a troupe of dancers from the TC Escola de Dansa de Andorra, who have performed on the TV programme ‘Got Talent’ (on the ‘Telecinco’ channel), and will perform on a temporary stage situated in the general reception area of floor 0. They will then move into Thermoludic to dance in the large central lagoon. It will then be time for Zulandir, the stilt-walkers who will fill the spa with light and dances and who, like the Deivas, will dance on the temporary stage that will be erected in the centre’s reception area, inside the Thermoludic. At Inúu, Caldea’s Adults Only spa, visitors will be able to enjoy a performance by an acrobatic couple, the world ‘acrosport’ champions, who will also surprise visitors to the Thermoludic with several figures from pole dancing.

In parallel, from 4.30 p.m. until 10.30 p.m. in Caldea’s Restaurante Mediterráneo, there will be an exclusive party for shareholders. Among other activities, Andorra’s resident pianist Oscar León will add his special musical touch, with various performances throughout the evening, and from 9.30 p.m. he will be accompanying the soloist Alys Paramá. Finally, the shareholders and their families will be able to enjoy a conjuring show by Nuel Galán, the renowned magician from TVE (Spanish Television), and a cocktail which will be served in the format of a gastronomic market.

At 9 p.m., a majestic fireworks castle and a display of dancing lights in the tower will put the final touch to the great day of festivities. The fireworks display can be seen from the Prat del Roure, the children’s playground opposite Caldea.
To complete the programme of entertainment, both on Friday 29th and on Saturday 30th at 9.40 p.m., visitors to Caldea will be able to enjoy a shortened version of Aküa, a show with music and water-games, accompanied by an aerial acrobat.


The celebrations will continue on 30th, in the morning and afternoon, with dancers, stilt-walkers and acrobats in the building’s communal areas (on the stage in the general reception area), in Thermoludic’s lagoon, and at Inúu.
On 31st, in the morning, Caldea will end these first festive days with more shows and entertainment for the visitors.


Throughout Easter Week, and to close the winter season, the thermal spa will also be offering a programme of entertainment designed for everyone who visits the Centre during that holiday period.


Party exclusively for shareholders

Day and format: 26/03, cocktail/gastronomic market

Time and place: Mediterranean Restaurant, from 16.30 h to 22.30 h


Oscar León, pianist: 17 h / 19 h / 21 h, accompanying the soloist Alys Paramá
Nuel Galan, magician: 21 h

Programme of entertainment for the general public

Venue: Caldea’s general reception area (entry is free of charge); indoor lagoon of Thermoludic (entry with admission); Inúu (entry with admission)

Deivas: 17 h / 19 h / 20 h / 21 h
Zancudos: 16 h / 18 h / 20 h / 21 h
Acrosport: 16 h / 18 h / 20 h / 22 h
Fireworks castle and lights display (Prat del Roure): 21 h

Aküa (versió reduïda): 21.40 h

Performances by all the artists from 11 h until 21 h
Aküa (shortened version): 21.40 h

Performances by all the artists from 11 h until 14 h

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