Lumière, Caldea’s new show, the best plan for the November long weekend

As we’ve been saying for a little while, if you come to bathe over the November long weekend you can boast about being one of the first to enjoy Caldea’s newest extravaganza. Now we’re going to tell you everything about the new show. Pay attention, or you might miss some of the details! 😉

The light is the star of the show

This time, the central pillar of the performance is the lighting; in fact, it’s now so important that our new night show, Lumière, has been named after it. This extravaganza is highly visual, featuring the interplay of laser light and water combined with live dance performances. Laser points with “TwinLink” effects will be installed around the stage to interact with the water displays and create visual effects on the architectural structure and the restaurant.
The urban dance collective Braids TC Company will accompany this explosion of light and colour. They started out as Deivas, an Andorran group that reached the 2019 semi-finals of the Tele 5 programme Spain’s Got Talent, and they currently hold the silver medal from the World Hip Hop Dance Championships.
The show, which lasts 15 minutes, has three parts: the first is a dance showcase, this is followed by a water and light display, and the spectacle culminates when light and dance come together for the finale. If you don’t want to miss it, listen up! You need to be in Thermoludic’s indoor lagoon at 21:15 on 1 and 2 November.

The best offer for maximum enjoyment

To help you enjoy the night to the full, we’ve moved the show’s start time forward to 21:15 so you can also have dinner at our centre. We suggest the 2-hour admission to Thermoludic plus Lumière and dinner. There are two options depending on the restaurant you choose:
• Dinner in the Mediterranean restaurant at the end of your visit, you only need to change and go up one floor.
• Or instead, opt for the aquatic restaurant where you can dine in your swimsuit.

Don’t forget that Lumière is exclusively at Caldea on these dates. But if you can’t make it this time, you can also enjoy it on certain important days in high season (check the calendar here).
Mark the date in your diary and come and feel the magic of Lumière.

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