CALDEA maintains the excellent results that were achieved last winter and welcomes more than 200,000 visitors between December and April

From 1 December to 30 April, CALDEA welcomed more than 201,000 customers, 80% of whom visited Thermoludic and 20% Inúu

Caldea finished the 2018-19 winter season (from December to April) with a total of 201,356 visitors. This level of attendance is essentially a dead heat with the number of visits recorded during the same period last year, and it also shows that the good results that have previously been achieved are being maintained.
Caldea celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. To commemorate this historic milestone, the centre has been the venue for a variety of activities and musical performances which have boosted our dynamism during peak hours. Music shows and water games, along with aerial silks acrobats, stilt walkers and dancers have all entertained our visitors this Easter. The total number of visitors this April rose by 30%, with Thermoludic welcoming 27,700 customers and Inúu 5,682. This figure is higher than expected, as Easter was later this year than in 2018.

8.33 out of 10 in overall satisfaction surveys

Caldea has obtained a score of 8.33 in terms of overall satisfaction. These results were obtained from a sample of 1,500 respondents.

Visibility through online channels

Caldea’s website has recorded a total of 630,097 visits, 19% more than during winter 2017-18. It has also become one of the main ways to purchase admission to the centre. This increase in online interactions shows a clear trend towards this type of purchase.

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