Philippe Shangti is returning to Caldea. New exhibition!

Artist Philippe Shangti is returning to Caldea with his new exhibition: No Animal Killer Here. With this powerful collection of 20 pieces and 6 sculptures he is exposing animal cruelty, and you can enjoy this new art show in the hall of the Caldea building until 30 April.

No Animal Killer Here

It is impossible to feel indifferent towards Shangti’s works, not only due to the themes he tackles but also because of the originality of his pieces. Innovators and rule-breakers use art to expose society’s taboo subjects, while also leveraging resources such as humour and glamour. No Animal Killer Here supports the plight of animals. In this exhibition, you’ll be able to see pictures that speak out about the fur trade, bullfighting and deforestation, among other themes. You’re sure to be shocked!
We’ve already had the privilege of enjoying this artist’s works with his Art is My Hope collection which was very successful last year. Through this equally provocative exhibition, he condemned the lack of awareness towards nature and the planet by exposing a society that lives to excess.

Philippe Shangti

Artist Philippe Shangti is of French origin and currently lives in Andorra. He has received international recognition and exhibited his art in galleries across Europe, the United States and Asia. In 2019, he represented the Principality at the Venice Art Biennale with The Future Is Now, another exhibition which has also brought him great success. This collection was shortlisted as one of the 10 most essential at the Biennale by experts from the art world and international press.
Shangti is known for his use of bright colours, symmetry, perspective and balance, elements that are very prominent in his work.

As you can see, Caldea is a spa. But it’s also a spa that’s unlike any other. Here, in addition to bathing in thermal waters, you can enjoy the art of contemporary and innovative creators. Are you ready to discover them?

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