Caldea postpones the reopening of Thermoludic

Inúu, the Adults Only spa of Caldea, continues operating and It plans to open the Thermoludic spa whereas the mobility restrictions on neighbouring communities come to an end.

Caldea plans to reopen the Thermoludique as soon as the health authorities of the neighbouring communities have given their agreement to the restoration of mobility, allowing their population to go to Andorra. The thermal spa has postponed the reopening date, scheduled for January 9th, due to the new measures announced in neighbouring countries.

The spa centre has all the facilities and services ready and plans to return to activity when the restrictions mentioned are lifted and the epidemiological situation, both in Spain and France, allows it to do so.

Currently, Inúu’s most exclusive offer remains operating, as well as its innovative treatments. Opening hours are from 10 am to 10 pm.

Customers who have a reservation to the Spa on those dates when it is not operational can exchange it for an entry ticket to Inúu at the same price, or they can change their reservation for another date by contacting [email protected]. You can also cancel your reservation 72 hours before the date of service.

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