Admission to Caldea plus massage: don’t let anything slow you down when you return from the holidays!

LSeptember has arrived, and with it the end of summer, the return to school and the routine. We know it can be tough, so we’ve prepared the perfect solution to stop the stress getting the better of you: a trip to Andorra with admission to Caldea and a massage. How does that sound?

Choose the massage that’s best for you

Did you know that you can also purchase massages in Thermoludic together with the 3-hour admission? In addition to enjoying an extra hour in our centre (including the massage), you’ll also get access to Origins, the spa on the first floor. If you haven’t been yet, this is a great opportunity to discover it for yourself.
We suggest you enhance your 3-hour admission with a relaxing massage. Choose from a 20-minute local massage (back, legs, head or facial), a 30- or 45-minute partial massage to release tension in the legs, back and neck, or a one-hour full-body massage that will leave you feeling brand new.
Make the most of this month’s offers and reserve the admission plus massage packages with a 30% discount, valid throughout the centre’s opening hours.
You can visit any day of the week!


If you want the full experience with access to all the spas, your best bet is Inúu. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity provided by this spa (which is only accessible to those aged over 16), have fun in Thermoludic, and relax in Origins’ Aztec bath.
To achieve 100% disconnection, add a one-hour massage with argan oil to the 4-hour admission. Not only will you emerge completely refreshed, but your skin will also be super hydrated thanks to this oil’s properties. After the long summer, this treatment is great for a little bit of repair work on sun-damaged skin and will also extend the effects of tanning.
You can purchase admission to Inúu with the 60-minute massage here. Just like the Thermoludic packages, there’s also a 20% discount to help you with the September expenses.

With these superb plans for the end of summer, going back to the routine doesn’t seem so stressful now, does it?

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