New treatments to combine with admission to Caldea

With the arrival of the new season, our menu of relaxing massages and beauty treatments is growing. If you’re a fan of wellness and skincare, you can’t afford to miss out on our new options.
From now on you’ll have even more to choose from!

Natural hydration for your complexion

The first of the new treatments we’ve added to our menu is for facial care and combines the properties of hyaluronic acid with 1055 boletus extract.
It will provide a shot of natural hydration while restoring elasticity and firmness to your complexion. You’ll also notice that it evens out minor imperfections in the dermis and refines expression lines.
Thanks to the natural cosmetic products from Sothys Paris, in just 45 minutes the Hydra4ha Hyaluronic Basic Sothys treatment will restore the glow and radiance to your face that can be lost due to external factors such as the cold or high indoor temperatures.

Thai-inspired relaxation

We’re also here to care for the skin on your body.
In this new 1-hour general massage with pindas, we combine pressure and manual stretching inspired by Thai techniques with pindas and applying oil all over the body.
For those not familiar with Asian treatments, pindas are cotton cloth pouches containing different traditional Thai herbs and spices.
The general massage with pindas lasts one hour and brings well-being and relaxation while relieving physical tension and helping to release emotions. For a final boost of mental and physical relaxation, the treatment ends with a 100% natural hemp tea.

New treatments with wood therapy

When you browse our menu, we want you to find different types of massages that incorporate a variety of techniques. To expand our selection of treatments, we have added wood therapy, a technique where the massage is performed using wooden tools to apply movements and pressures that provide great benefits for both the body (in the 1-hour massage) and the face (in the 30-minute massage).

60-min body wood therapy 

Focusing on the abdomen, legs, glutes, flanks, back and arms. The tools are made from hardwood and are specifically designed for these areas of the body. This massage helps to boost the circulation, minimise fluid retention and reduce accumulated fat. It concludes with a 100% natural hemp tea that aids greater mental and physical relaxation.

30-min facial wood therapy 

Thanks to this 30-minute beauty treatment that focuses on applying wood therapy exclusively to the face, you will notice more refined facial expression lines, as well as more oxygenated and rejuvenated skin.

We’re certain that once you try one of the new treatments and massages on our menu, you’ll want to repeat the experience. And the best part is you can combine them with admission to Inúu or Thermoludic. Which one will you start with?

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