Basic moisturising facial with hyaluronic acid in Andorra
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45' Hydra4ha Hyaluronic

Tailor-made treatment for skins with lack of water. With this treatment we manage to increase the water level in the skin balancing small imperfections.
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100% natural moisturizer.

This treatment with hyaluronic acid and Boletus 1055 extract regenerates the skin and restores its moisturization. It creates a veritable store of water for an immediate and durable moisturization.

The power of Boletus 1055 extract combined with hyaluronic acid balances the moisture levels in the skin, which then appears younger and more supple.

Because we want you to enjoy the best experience, remember to show up 30 minutes before the time reserved for your treatment at our reception.

1. Skin type-appropriate peeling and basic cleansing without extraction
2.  Ampoule application with facial massage
3.  Mask, eye cream and facial cream application

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