Time to fly: We’re reopening Caldea by debuting our new panoramic lagoon


We’re back and we’re unveiling a new lagoon!

You heard it correctly: this summer you need to be one of the first to experience Thermoludic’s new attraction.
From 4 July at Caldea, you’ll find out that you don’t always need wings to fly. In the new panoramic thermal lagoon, featuring a transparent floor and positioned 5 metres above the river, you’ll experience a sensation of zero gravity like you’re flying over the river.
Keep enjoying spa moments from morning till night.
Are you in?

Flying above the river!

Our new thermal water space – a panoramic lagoon that juts out over the river – can be found on Thermoludic’s outdoor terrace. As it’s totally transparent, including the floor, it makes you feel like you’re flying above the Gran Valira River. It’s been designed with two levels, the upper level has a Jacuzzi while the lower features jets and a waterfall.
This new section is included in the price of admission to both Inúu and Thermoludic and can be enjoyed by children aged 5 and above.
Just like the rest of Caldea’s outdoor facilities, you can also enjoy the mountain views and the wonder of bathing in thermal water as the snow falls around you. Have you experienced this sensation yet? If not, you need to try it at least once!

A new and unique space

To give you an idea, we’ll explain it in numbers:

• 100: the number of cubic metres of thermal water that can be found in this 100 m2 space.
• 32–34: the temperature in degrees of the water; the same as the other lagoons. Even though it’s outside, you won’t get cold (but bring a towel for getting in and out).
• 120: the depth in centimetres; as with the other baths, your feet will always be able to touch the bottom.
• 5: the height in metres above the river.
• 2: the number of levels of the lagoon, one has a Jacuzzi and the other has water beds.
• 50: the number of people who can enjoy the lagoon simultaneously.
• 10:00 a.m.: the opening time, which is the same as Thermoludic, so whenever the spa is open you can bathe here.

Are you already counting down the hours until you can come and try the new panoramic lagoon? As you know, Caldea is a spa unlike any other spa, where you can always find something new.

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