We start the year by launching a new brand campaign in Andorra

New year, new life.
In Caldea we have taken this sentence literally and in January we will premiere in Catalonia and in South France a new creative concept, that will define what is the thermal center, appealing to the millennial public.

 “Caldea is a SPA. And it’s also a SPA that is unlike any other SPA”.
This is the slogan for the new communication campaign that Caldea launched today in Andorra, which will also be coming to Catalonia and southern France in January. The new creative concept, designed by the Mr. John Sample agency, defines what Caldea is in a visual and creative fashion. It uses vibrantly coloured images that deliver the brand’s message in an impactful way, not only to the typical customer, but also to the millennial audience. With this campaign, Caldea takes a conceptual and stylistic turn to highlight the many contrasting experiences it offers. Discover them by yourself!

Always advancing
Throughout its 25 years of history, Caldea has been able to constantly innovate and enrich the experiences of its visitors by creating a variety of themed spaces that will suit any audience. In 2013, Caldea opened Inúu, a SPA designed specifically to allow adults to recover their overall wellbeing in an environment of absolute silence. In August 2016, Caldea opened the Likids space, a SPA aimed exclusively at children aged 3 to 8, and the only SPA in the world where children can enjoy an introductory experience to the world of wellness without their parents. Back in 1994, Caldea was launched as a thermal space that aimed to provide a non-therapeutic leisure experience, but it has now become a set of SPAs inside one big SPA, where visitors can enjoy a variety of contrasting experiences.

The key of success: breaking stereotypes
Until now, its communication had stuck to the same tone and style as most of the world’s SPAs, creating a concept aligned with that of a traditional spa. For future campaigns, and to support this evolution, “Caldea wanted to make a conceptual and stylistic change and centre its communication around experiential contrasts, everything that goes on at the centre that does not happen elsewhere. For this purpose, the communication exploits resources that exaggerate what Caldea truly is, and also uses an extravagant style that conveys the idea that Caldea is a SPA—but not a conventional SPA”.

Don’t let other explain it to you!
You have to live it … it’s the only way you will understand why Caldea is a unique SPA in the world.
A non-conventional SPA where, in addition, your body will enjoy the benefits of thermal water while you immerse yourself in continuous contrast experiences.
Let yourself be seduced by one of the offers we propose and discover for yourself what SSSPAAA means

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