New outdoor swimming-pool at Caldea with ictiotherapy

This summer at Caldea, there will be a new, outdoor, glass lagoon which will enable visitors to enjoy the thermal waters of the complex while hundreds of fish of the species Garra rufa peel their feet in a natural way.

Floating swimming-pool with panoramic views

In order to continue as the leaders in innovating in thermal leisure, here at Caldea we shall be opening a new, outdoor, glass lagoon which will become operational in the summer of 2019.
This swimming-pool will be spectacular, as it will jut out beyond the terrace and will incorporate a transparent section with views of the River Valira. Inside the pool, one has the sensation of flying above the water of the river…a sensation that you will not want to miss!

Natural chiropody

In this swimming-pool, as well as enjoying the feeling that you are flying above the River Valira, you will have feet which feel new, because our intention is to keep Garra rufa fish in the lagoon. This species is well known for its use in natural peeling treatments for the feet ‒ the fish suck dead skin from the lower extremities (one can also immerse one’s whole body), while also secreting dithranol, an enzyme with properties which rejuvenate the skin and which is used in treatments to cure psoriasis.

Ha! Ha! Caught you!

In case you hadn’t noticed, today is 28th December, so we want to continue the tradition of les inocentades (this is similar to the ‘April Fools’ tradition in England, which involves making someone believe something completely untrue, for a joke). But not everything is a joke! And from next summer onwards, it is actually true that you will be able to enjoy the new swimming-pool with panoramic views over the River Valira, but there won’t be any fish in it, nor any natural chiropody 😄

We hope that we have started you smiling on this special day, and awoken your curiosity about these new amenities which will become part of Caldea in the summer of 2019. We will keep you informed….


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