Rainy summer, autumn of mushrooms!

This year is proving to be a good one for mushrooms. After a wet summer, the season has begun well for mushroom hunters, who come down from the mountains with their baskets full to the brim.

What do I need to go looking for mushrooms?

If you have never looked for mushrooms in forests, it’s never too late to begin!
It will be easier for you if you know someone who can give you some basic tips about how to cut them, how to transport them, and, especially, which mushrooms to collect and which not to touch. We should not forget that although some of the edible varieties are very tasty, other varieties can cause serious poisoning.

Always in a basket!

You will definitely need a basket. It is important not to transport mushrooms in bags because they will not be able to transpire and will quickly rot. Moreover, the mushrooms continue to release spores, and a basket allows these to scatter.
You should place the mushrooms upside down in the basket so that no soil can enter between the gills. You will need a knife to cut them at the bottom of the stalk. When you arrive home, clean them with water, but not to excess, otherwise they will lose their aroma and their taste… never soak them!

Boletus mushrooms and milk caps are the most highly prized varieties

EAs well as being good, they are the most popular and the easiest to identify. So if you are a novice in this activity, don’t take risks, and restrict yourself to these varieties. Boletus mushrooms are delicious as a carpaccio with vinaigrette, or simply with sea salt and olive oil. They are also very versatile in risottos. As for the milk caps, they are delicious braised with chopped garlic and parsley, or stewed as an accompaniment to game.

This autumn, make the most of the mushroom season in Andorra by coming to walk among our mountains. And if you need another excuse for crossing the frontier, think about the good time that you could have afterwards in Caldea. After the walk, the prize! We recommend that you eat in our Mediterranean restaurant and spend the afternoon in our thermal waters.


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