Lovers in Caldea: thermal water and a Valentine’s menu for two

Perhaps you didn’t know, but Valentine’s Day celebrates a Roman priest by the name of Valentine who, in the 3rd century, decided to disobey an imperial order from Claudius II. The order banned young men from marrying, as the Emperor believed that single men made better soldiers than those who were married and had too many family ties. The priest, who considered the order to be senseless, was imprisoned for performing secret weddings for young lovers (which is why he became their patron saint). Legend has it, that a jailer tested Valentine during his imprisonment by challenging him to heal his blind daughter. Valentine accepted and restored her vision, but did not regain his freedom. He was ultimately executed on 14 February 270 (which has now become Valentine’s Day).

At Caldea, there’s always a plan to fall in love with

If you want to give your partner a Valentine’s surprise, get them a unique day at Caldea so you can enjoy special moments together in our thermal lagoons, hydromassage basins, Roman baths and so much more.
Just choose from any of the Valentine’s plans that we suggested a few days ago, which include many varied proposals such as:

Admission to Inúu, with access to our private Spa, a massage and a glass of cava
Night admission to Inúu + Cocktail Night + Aküa
Night admission to Thermoludic + Aküa
Admission to Thermoludic plus special Valentine’s lunch or dinner

Enjoy our restaurant with “Ametller” products

To conclude the Valentine’s Day legend, we should mention that the jailer’s daughter, whose sight Valentine had restored, planted a pink-blossomed almond tree close to the priest’s grave following his death. This is why the almond tree remains a symbol of lifelong love and friendship.
Conveniently, this anecdote provides the perfect segue for us to remind you that our Mediterranean and Aquatic restaurants prepare their dishes using Ametller Origen products, which bring extra flavour to all of their culinary creations (“Ametller” means almond tree in Catalan, a guarantee of the quality of the basic raw ingredients in our dishes which reflect our “love” for authentic Mediterranean cuisine).

Special Valentine’s menu

Until 17 February, you will find a special Valentine’s menu in our Mediterranean restaurant, which you can book here along with admission to the spa.

Diced foie gras with apple compote and almonds

Hot starter
Creamy artichoke and parmesan rice

Sea bream loin with vegetables and romesco sauce

Slow-cooked lamb confit, chopped mushrooms and gravy

Chocolate, mascarpone and raspberries

 Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with so many proposals at your fingertips, choosing the one to surprise your partner with on this special day should be easy. Which one do you think says “I love you”?

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