How to secure the perfect last-minute gift for the holidays

If you’ve used up all your gift ideas and time is running out, or you haven’t got all your gifts and you think it’s too late to find the perfect one, you’re mistaken! We’ve got a great gift idea for the holidays, whether it’s for Christmas Day or Secret Santa. The best part is that it’s ideal for the whole family, a friend or even a couple. Can you guess what it is?

Give Caldea

Dare to be original this year and purchase one of our gift cards, which you can give to anyone you want.
The process is super simple: all you need to do is bring up our website on your phone or computer, go to the give Caldea section and choose the value of the gift card. Then fill in your details and choose how the card will be sent to the lucky recipient. How easy is that? And you don’t even have to leave home!
When they receive the gift, the recipient only needs to make a booking to redeem the voucher and they can also do that on the website. They won’t need to call anywhere or wait for their request to be accepted, so the process is as simple for them as it is for you. The gift card can be exchanged for admission, massages or set menus in the Mediterranean restaurant. And it’s valid for a full year from the moment it’s purchased, so there’s plenty of time to think about what to use it on.
It’s a perfect gift because it’s suitable for all budgets: you can choose between various cards ranging from €40 to €200.

Now you know how to get the best gift this Christmas, in a simple and quick way that doesn’t require leaving home. How perfect is that?

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