Inúu’s lagoons fill up again to welcome you on your next visit

A date for you at Inúu this Saturday from 10am! Enjoy another dip in the thermal waters of the Caldea adults-only spa after its annual technical break. The lagoons, the berlingot and the rest of the facilities are ready for a new thermal getaway. Make the most of the occasion and revive Inúu with one of our irresistible promotions.

Complete plan: entrance, massage and hotel

You’ll love the getaway that has it all! The stay at Inúu combines a 3-hour entrance, with the loan of bathing equipment, and a 1-hour body massage with argan oil. Moisturising properties of the oil and the gentle movements of this massage will make your experience a relaxing one. The plan is completed with a restful night’s sleep in a 3* or 4* hotel with breakfast included. It is ideal to take a break and regain your strength. You can come any day.
Don’t wait until the weekend to book!

Promotion with hotel Les Closes       Promotion with hotel Mola Park

Shock plan to pamper your skin

We offer you a 4-hour ticket to Inúu with a facial beauty treatment that will help you revitalise your face. It is a cleansing with oxygenation adapted to the season of the year. Don’t forget that winter is one of the times when the dermis suffers the most, due to the constant changes in temperature. To this we must add the daily use of the mask, which prevents the skin from breathing, and therefore the skin becomes occluded and damp from the vapours of respiration.
So don’t think twice and restore the radiance and softness to your face with the beauty&spa package.

Ritual&Spa: entrance to Inúu and Japanese massage

To finish, we propose a body exfoliation with a body and feet massage. The products used are based on cherry blossom and lotus, two ingredients that revitalise and nourish the skin, restoring its elasticity. Accompanied by the 4-hour entrance to Inúu, it is the best plan for a spring afternoon.

After 3 weeks of technical stop, we are back with more enthusiasm and with these promotions so that you can enjoy Inúu again. From the 24th of April, the Thermoludic and Origins will close for their annual technical stop until the 21st of May.

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