Admission to Inúu with an oriental massage: the best plan this autumn

Do you want to take advantage of the November long weekend and escape from the routine? Discover the oriental treatments with Ayurvedic techniques that are available in Inúu. They’re a great way to relax the body and mind, do you want to find out why?

Benefits of Ayurvedic massage

Ayurveda is a technique that seeks balance between body, mind and spirit. Essential oils from plants and plant tissues are used so their benefits can be enjoyed both physically and emotionally.
From the selection of treatments on our massage menu, we recommend a combination that will relax the whole body from head to toe.

Admission to Inúu with a 60-minute Abhyangam massage

Add this Hindu treatment to your Inúu admission to improve your circulation and the radiance of your skin, while reducing fatigue and stress. It is performed with warm oil on the entire front and back sides of the body, excluding the head.
And you’ll enjoy it even more when you find out there’s a 20% discount on this package until 30 November. Don’t miss this admission and massage offer which is only available on our website!

This 30-minute head and face massage is the perfect way to complete the experience. It relieves blockages through the upper chakras (energy points) of the body to provide a triple effect: alleviating headaches, relaxing the mind and hydrating the complexion. As with the previous treatment, warm oil is applied, this time on the head and back. A relaxing head and facial massage is then performed.

On our menu you’ll find many more treatments and massages so you can pamper and care for yourself during your next visit to Caldea.
Would you like to try this combination?

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