INÚU re-opens after a little technical halt!

As each springtime, here at CALDEA we decided to make a technical halt in our INÚU area so that, after we have opened our doors on 21st April, you will be able to have an unforgettable experience.

Read on to find out what we have been doing!

Why the halt?

Because the lagoons have to be completely empty to enable us to perform a thorough cleaning and maintenance operation.

After emptying all the thermal water from the lagoons (663 m3), we concentrate on carrying out various types of preventive maintenance such as that on the stainless steel lining of the lagoons, and that on the water-pumps, the air-conditioning and the drains. In this technical halt, a total of 20 operatives were involved, as well as external industrial companies. Together, they completed about 1,600 hours of work.

What do we do with the water?

Thermal water is a scarce commodity on our planet, and we want to look after it and not waste it, so that you can enjoy it for many more years. So the thermal water in Thermoludic and Inúu areas is used not only for the swimming-pools, but also for more energy-efficiency. In the interests of sustainability, energy from the thermal water is recovered in the form of calories which will be used, for example, for air conditioning in the various areas of the Centre, among other premises.

By default, the thermal water enters a filtration and disinfection circuit, with ozone in the case of INÚU and ultraviolet rays (UVC) in the case of Thermoludic.

The water obtained in this way is also re-circulated each hour or hour-and-a-half. The result is that all the water from the lagoons and jacuzzis passes through the same treatment circuit again, so as to ensure the maximum hygienic quality. It can then be returned into the swimming-pools to make our customers as comfortable and serene as possible. Finally, the process ends with the water completely renewed after 2-3 days.

“But … are you sure the water is clean?”

Of course we are! We take hygiene very seriously. We have an automatic system for monitoring the quality of the thermal water in all of our premises; it operates for 24 hours a day. For additional security, we perform two manual analyses every day to check the same parameters. And in order to guarantee the quality and hygiene of our thermal water even more, regular analyses are carried out throughout the year by a company specialising in water treatment, accredited by the Government of Andorra.

Now that you know everything about the reasons why INÚU has not been open recently, you can make up for lost time by reserving your place to enjoy our thermal waters and our other amenities.

We’re waiting for you!

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