The importance of fine raw ingredients in the kitchen

At Caldea, it’s been 25 years since we began working around the concept of well-being. We were not aspiring to be a medical centre or anything like that, but we were committed to caring for the body and mind through little touches that combine to create the life experience we want to provide.

You are what you eat

We didn’t come up with this expression ourselves, but we’re sure you’ve heard it more than a few times. It has been established that a balanced, varied and healthy diet helps us to feel better, stronger and more energetic. Of the many diets that exist around the world, the Mediterranean diet is among the most highly recommended for reasons of health. As a side note, we would also like to highlight that, in 2013, the Mediterranean diet was listed by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity through a joint designation that included Spain, Greece, Italy and Morocco.

The Mediterranean Restaurant and Ametller Origen products

You can enjoy a nutritious meal prepared with the finest raw ingredients in both our Mediterranean and Aquatic restaurants. Our collaboration with Grup Ametller allows us to use Ametller Origen products, and the philosophy of this food-sector group is perfectly in sync with our desire to provide products that promote well-being. Grup Ametller supplies us with the superb fresh products that we use to prepare our dishes, which shows in both their flavour and quality.

Quality on your table when you visit Caldea

Whether you choose to have lunch or dinner at the Mediterranean Restaurant or the Aquatic Restaurant (where you can dine in your swimsuit), we can recommend a selection of dishes prepared with the finest raw ingredients. You can get a delicious set menu for just €17 (starter + main course + dessert) or, alternatively, choose from a selection of à la carte dishes which includes salads, pasta and rice dishes, delicious pizzas on handmade bases, burgers, meats and, of course, fish. Our commitment to using only the highest quality fresh ingredients is evident in our entire culinary range.

On your next visit to Caldea, make sure you take the opportunity to enjoy the restaurants and the delectable dishes we prepare each day. Unpretentious cuisine made with high quality products to ensure your well-being.

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