Hydrox is Caldea’s new show for the 2021-2022 season.

Come to see Hydrox, the new show that Caldea has unveiled for the autumn-winter season. Here, we give you all the details so that you don’t miss anything, and so that you enjoy it to the full.

Hydrox, Caldea’s new show.

Hydrox is an acrobatics show with aerial dances and live artists who will perform figures on the thermal water of Thermoludic’s indoor lagoon. And, of course, as the icing on the cake there will be no lack of games with lights, water and music, accompanying the acrobats.
This new show is a tribute to the candidature for the World Alpine Skiing Championships in Andorra in 2027. The show demonstrates the importance of water, in all its states, as a source of the country’s wealth: in the aqueous state, as a spring of natural origin in Caldea, and in its solid state, in the form of snow on the ski-slopes. It pays homage to respect for the environment through thermalism and snow, two of Andorra’s great treasures.

Where and when to see Hydrox

You can enjoy the new show every week-end and on high-season dates until 8th January. The setting is the big lagoon at Thermoludic, which will allow you to see the show while you bathe in the same lagoon, of from the whirlpool tubs. As in summer, there will be two sessions: an evening session on Saturdays at 9.40 p.m., and a Sunday-morning session at 11.40 a.m., the latter being more suitable for families.
Find here the times of the ordinary sessions and the extra sessions in the high season.

The show is free, and you can see it simply by buying morning or evening admission for the Thermoludic or for Inúu. So look at the dates of the performances, and buy your admission now!

Buy admission for Thermoludic

Buy admission for INÚU

This would also be the perfect opportunity to try one of Caldea’s restaurants. After a bath in the thermal spa and the excitement of Hydrox, prolong the experience with a menu in the Blu restaurant or in the Aquatic.

Admission, Hydrox and lunch

Admission, Hydrox and dinner

We are waiting for your visit to see Hydrox, Caldea’s new show.
This autumn will be sssspectaaaacular!

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