3 essential steps to get healthy skin this winter

The arrival of cold weather, outings in the mountains, the snow, the wind… These are only some of the factors which appear in winter and which can damage the skin on your face, causing it to lose its vitality and its radiance.

But don’t panic! You can avoid this situation if you care for your complexion by following the steps which we explain below.

Good preparation

Before applying any product to your skin, it is important to exfoliate it, in order to get rid of all the dead cells that you have accumulated during the autumn, and then to do a deep cleansing. The Cure by Natura Bissé treatment will not only do all this work for you in 30 or 60 minutes, it will also leave your skin ready to receive any other form of care afterwards.


Keeping the skin well hydrated is essential for it to remain healthy throughout the season, and to avoid irritation and discomfort in the face. Choose your favourite moisturising cream, and don’t forget to apply it on waking up and before going to bed, and if possible, take a little with you, to use when you need it.

Another way of preventing your skin from drying up is to avoid atmospheres which have little humidity, due to the heating. Or you can install humidifiers in your rooms.

100% protected

Although, during these months, there are fewer hours of sun, and it seems to shine less brightly, you should protect your skin with sun cream, especially if you are going to do some skiing. On the slopes, not only will the sun shine directly into your face, but its rays will also reflect off the snow and return to your face even more strongly.


Now that you know the basic steps to take each day in order to look after your skin and keep it healthy and radiant this winter, you can consult our facial treatments so as to sport a radiant skin this season.

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