Refresh yourself this summer with a grapefruit bath and an aromatic massage

For fighting the summer heat, nothing beats the grapefruit-based proposal that you can find in our treatments and massages menu. Its dual effect is super refreshing!
This beauty ritual is both relaxing and highly invigorating for your body. And although grapefruit is not a widely used ingredient in the cosmetics world, it has many benefits for the body and skin. Let’s discover them!

Grapefruit: a perfect ally for your beauty routine

Grapefruit has one of the highest Vitamin C concentrations of any fruit, which is essential for producing the collagen that is responsible for maintaining the skin’s firmness and elasticity. It is highly moisturising due to its 91% water content, and it contains beta carotene and bioflavonoids: two substances that boost the body’s natural defences and improve circulation. Another of its components is retinol, a natural detoxicant that regenerates dead cells and removes impurities, restoring the radiance of your skin. It’s also perfect for those with acne and oily skin.

Relax while you pamper yourself in Caldea

This beauty ritual begins with some relaxing bathing in an individual Jacuzzi, which will help you to disconnect before the treatment gets started. Once this is over, we apply the cream or grapefruit oils to the body and perform a massage that releases day-to-day stress and restores your skin’s vitality. 60 minutes later, you’ll leave feeling brand new and charged with Vitamin C. And if you want to, you can extend the treatment’s effects in the grapefruit bath when you purchase a 4-hour admission to Inúu with access to the Origins spa.

Give yourself a break this summer: pack your suitcase and come to Andorra to spoil yourself. Book the grapefruit bath with 45-minute aromatic massage and remember to add spa admission to complete an unforgettable day.

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