Surprise Dad. This year, give him Caldea!

This year, forget the traditional Father’s Day gifts and skip the socks, shirts, ties and colognes. The gift ideas we’re about to suggest are guaranteed to blow him away!

For the most handsome dad in the world

Because he needs some pampering too, treat him to a Father’s Day massage combined with the 3-hour admission to Thermoludic and the Origins spa. He’ll emerge looking like a new man!

For the more adventurous dads

If he loves skiing, we have good news for you: there’s still some of the season left before Easter! How about surprising him with admission to Thermoludic or Inúu plus a ski pass for any of Andorra’s ski resorts?
You’ll make him a very happy man!

The perfect gift for Father’s Day

If you’d rather let him choose his own gift, we have the perfect option for that too. Purchase a gift card with a balance of 40 euros or more, print it and give it to him in person or send it by email. Then all he has to do is book whatever he likes best, and there’s loads to choose from: from admission to massages and restaurants… you can’t go wrong!

Something unexpected: invite mum too!

If you really want to win both of them over… we have another perfect gift. With admission to Inúu and the private spa just for two, you’ll be onto a winner! They’ll enjoy a well-earned afternoon of relaxation thanks to the most complete admission to Caldea. With access to all the centre’s spas, they’ll be able to bathe and try out all the Jacuzzis and baths. And don’t forget the thirty minutes they’ll spend in Caldea’s most exclusive space, the Private Spa, where it’ll be just the two of them.
They’ll be so relaxed that we promise you a year of happy times with your parents.

These are just some of the gift ideas we suggest for Father’s Day… you can find many more on our website.
This year, you can score a lot of brownie points

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