Caldea ideas for Father’s Day gifts

This year it’s a little different from last year, but just as special because maybe you still can’t see him, or go to his house to celebrate this Day. To make him feel that you are close to him and to make sure you get it right, we have the perfect gift for Father’s Day: the Caldea Gift Card.
Are you wondering what your father will need it for or how he will be able to spend it at Caldea? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it:

How to buy the Caldea gift card?

To start with, we’ll tell you how it works, which is very simple.
All you have to do is select the amount you want to give, from €40 to €200. After entering your details and his email address, you can send it to him, and your father will receive it comfortably in his inbox. If you prefer, because technology is not his thing, you can print it out and send it to him by post, or if you can see him, give it to him in person.
He will have a whole year to decide how he wants to spend the amount of the gift voucher, and he will only have to make the reservation 72 hours before coming to Caldea. (One last secret: if one year is not enough time to decide, you can write to us and we will extend the time).

Once he receives the Caldea Gift Card, he will only have to choose what he wants to spend it on. We give you some basic suggestions so that you can play it safe.

Ideal ideas for the best Father’s Day gift:

A massage. Because dad also needs to be looked after from time to time. And we have the perfect proposal: our new 45-minute Jeuneusse Homme treatment for men that our masseurs perform with the Sothys Paris range of products and protocols. It detoxifies and leaves the skin looking younger.
The novelty. Bathing in the panoramic lagoon. He will love being able to fly over the Valira river and have a 360º perspective of Caldea and the surrounding mountains as he has never seen before. To access this new bath he only has to choose the entrance to the Thermoludic or Inúu, our spa for over 16 years old.
A good lunch or dinner. Combine the entrance to Caldea with the menu at the Thermoludic restaurant or the Tai-Japanese restaurant at Inúu and give him a double gift.

So these are the gift ideas to triumph on Father’s Day to be nominated for daughter or son of the year 😉.

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