3 foods (and a tea!) to help you survive the hot weather

Summer is almost here and we’re sure you’ve noticed how the heat is beginning to take over little by little. Even though the temperatures are still pleasant, you’re probably already concerned about how much they will rise and become uncomfortable over the next few months. The time has come to prepare your survival kit!

Fan, air conditioning, cool clothes… there are tonnes of options for combatting the heat on the outside. But today, we want to teach you to do it from the inside with three different foods and a tea (yes, you read that correctly, A TEA).

Are you ready?


One of the most important fruits to have in your kitchen during the summer, watermelon is a veritable cocktail of vitamins and nutrients including potassium, calcium, phosphorus and fibre. In addition to being extremely beneficial for your body, it helps to quench your thirst as up to 90% of its composition is water.

Imagine getting home after a walk, opening the fridge and taking a bite of this natural ice cream. Is your mouth watering?


In a salad, good gazpacho, cream, or sliced… there are a thousand and one ways to refresh yourself by eating this fruit. In Japan, for instance, where the summer temperatures can be scorching, you can buy cucumbers on the street which are preserved in ice and come with a sauce for dipping and eating as you walk. Why not take some inspiration from their idea?


You’re probably going to think we’re crazy for advising that you eat spicy foods during the summer: “But it make you sweat.” Exactly! Perspiration is the body’s cooling system. An ice cream or a crushed-ice beverage can provide a fleeting sensation of freshness, but it won’t last long. However, a little while after eating hot spices, you will notice that your body temperature begins to drop and you feel more comfortable.

A good tea

No…. not the typical steaming hot tea that is served at 5 p.m. This infusion can be consumed cold and will retain all its properties and flavours.

Prepare a litre of tea a day in advance and allow it to cool in the fridge for a few hours. Add some fresh mint leaves and fruit pieces (we recommend you use lemon for extra freshness) before you go to bed and leave the mixture in the fridge overnight. The next day you will be able to enjoy a healthy, homemade beverage. Try it and tell us about your favourite ingredients!

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