Prepare your skin for the summer at Caldea

Summer is drawing near, and after the winter it’s time to care for your complexion and prepare it for the hotter months. Spring is the perfect time to perform a complete facial exfoliation, as it will cleanse your skin and restore any radiance you have lost due to the cold and other external factors.
Read on to find out how to achieve perfect skin for those summer nights:

 Follow these steps for top-notch facial cleansing at home:

1. Cleanse: even if you’re not wearing makeup, apply cleansing milk to ensure that the skin is clean and free of makeup remnants. You can also use soap and water, but only if the soap is specially formulated for the face. We do not recommend using body or hand products on your face, as they can be abrasive.
2. Exfoliate: to allow the products to penetrate more deeply and achieve better cleansing, first you must open your pores. Boil up some water until the steam clouds the mirror, then apply the exfoliating product (make sure that it’s suitable for your skin type) by massaging in circular motions with a dry sponge. This will help remove dead cells, blackheads and spots.
3. Remove: now that your skin is clean, you can start removing black heads and spots using two cotton balls or gauze (never use your fingernails as this can cause sores).
4. Moisturise: apply a mask according to the aspects you want to improve on your face: hydration, anti-wrinkle, nourishment… Allow it to work for the duration indicated on the packaging and make the most of this opportunity to let your mind drift away and relax. Once you’ve finished removing the remnants of the mask, apply a toner to close the pores. Then finish off by applying your favourite moisturiser.

 Your facial treatment at Caldea

Another option is to put this job in the hands of experts. At Caldea, we have the perfect treatment for you: The Cure: 60-min deep cleanse from Natura Bissé. While you bathe in our thermal waters and enjoy Inúu, Caldea’s adults only space, set aside an hour so you can be pampered by our aesthetic professionals. This ritual, which is suitable for all skin types, detoxifies and cleanses the complexion. The active ingredients in the Natura Bissé products gently repair skin which has been sensitised by external agents, reversing the oxidation process and detoxifying the skin by removing any impurities that have accumulated. In just one hour, you will give your skin a hydration boost, plumping up the complexion and reducing the appearance of fine expression lines. The end result: glowing and radiant skin.

¡Et voilà! You’ll be showing off a silky, radiant and flawless complexion, as well as feeling much more relaxed… And it’s also a perfect excuse to book a night in a hotel so you can spend a spring getaway in Andorra with your partner 😉 Are you coming?

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