Essential equipment for your day of skiing or snowboarding in Andorra

Whether it’s your first time on a ski-slope or whether you have already been on one several times, it’s always important to take with you all the equipment you need to spend a perfect day in the snow. But do you know what the essential equipment is for visiting Grandvalira or Vallnord? You will find this information below.


Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding, you will clearly be unable to practise the one you prefer without your skis or snowboard, but it’s very important to choose your equipment well. The best idea is to get advice from a professional, who will be able to suggest various options depending on your technical ability, the way in which you are going to use the equipment, and your physique (particularly your height and weight). Above all, you should test the equipment to see how you feel with it. You have to choose equipment that suits you, instead of adapting yourself to the equipment.

Les vêtements

To avoid getting cold in the snow and going home soaking wet, ideally you should wear three layers of clothing plus an additional set for changing at the end of your day on the slopes. The first layer should be like a second skin: leggings and long-sleeved vests to keep you warm. The second, which could consist of ski-pants or a tracksuit, should be waterproof so that you don’t get wet. And the third one should be an extra layer of protection against the wind and the cold, but which you can remove if you begin to feel hot.

Try to avoid cotton garments; instead, choose clothes made of a synthetic material which will not absorb sweat.

Les compléments

And, naturally, there are smaller articles to take with you, but they are equally important. For example, gloves, or a pair of thick socks. These can make all the difference between feeling cold and feeling comfortable.

You must not forget to take a helmet, to protect you against blows on the head when you fall, and special sunglasses for snow, to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.

Finally, apart from your skiing or snowboarding boots, don’t forget to take footwear which is anti-slip and waterproof, so that your feet can rest in warmth when you leave the slopes behind you.

Prepare your luggage with all the essential equipment for your skiing getaway in Andorra, enjoy the slopes of Grandvalira or Vallnord, and recover your strength by immersing yourself in the thermal waters of CALDEA.

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