The best alternative detox after the holidays

We’re sure you’ve been told a million times that you should start a new regimen after the holidays and only eat unappetising food to make up for all the excess you have indulged in. We don’t have a magic formula, but we do have some ideas that might help you get back on track without becoming overwhelmed.

A thousand and one colours and flavours

Forget about bland platefuls of chard and savour some new and colourful dishes instead.
Here’s an idea : select your favourite vegetables, cook some wholegrain rice, roll it all up in nori seaweed and enjoy some delicious and healthy vegetarian maki.
If you prefer Mexican food, there’s nothing better on a cold day than a nice bowl of quinoa chili with black beans; rich in protein, low in fat and satisfying even in small portions.
And for breakfast, treat yourself to some granola mixed with mango, maple syrup and red berries; a great way to enjoy sweet flavours without overloading your body with sugar.

The most powerful ingredients

Give your meals an extra boost with superfoods (foods that are densely packed with nutrients). The best-known examples include:
Avocados – this famous fruit that was once primarily used in guacamole, is your best friend when it comes to replenishing Omega 3 levels.
Chia seeds – add these little fibre-, antioxidant- and calcium-rich seeds to any dish or smoothie to regulate your body and add a new twist to your food.
Kale – this vegetable has been at the heart of Hollywood diets for a while now, it’s so powerful that a single cup can provide over 100% of your recommended daily vitamin intake!

Eliminate toxins while you relax

If you’re not a fan of the gym, the last thing you want to hear is that you need to exercise. Don’t worry, we’ve got an alternative! Visit one of our saunas and let your body sweat out the toxins while you relax. And if you want to get silky smooth skin you can also try one of our hammams.

Stop boiling vegetables, try some new tasty dishes and forget about restrictive diets. Detox diets can be interesting and painless, don’t you agree?

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