The curiosities of Caldea on its 25th anniversary!

Caldea is an indelible icon of the Andorran landscape, and it has also become a must-visit (at least once a year) for locals and tourists alike.
A lot can happen in 25 years… so many experiences in the waters of the largest thermal centre in Europe… so many anecdotes from those who have visited Caldea since it opened. And from this vast selection, we wanted to pick just a few of the most curious and interesting statistics from the 25-year history of our unique centre.
Would you like to discover them with us?

Did you know?

Caldea was initially conceived as a stone and wood building inspired by Romanesque churches such as the basilica of Meritxell.

The shape of the building was ultimately inspired by the geometry of 23 crystalline facets alongside a tower as tall as the spires of Europe’s old cathedrals.

Caldea’s tower is the tallest building in Andorra at 80 m high, an allusion by the architect to the towers of San Francisco and London.

The glass in the Caldea building has a surface area of 8,995.49 m², and a weight of 360 tonnes. It takes skilled climbers between 3 and 4 weeks to clean it all.

Before the thermal water is used to fill our bathing spaces, it undergoes a filtration and decontamination process, and some of the energy is used to bring the temperature down from 70ºC at the source to just 33ºC. All of these processes and the subsequent thermal water fulfil the criteria for AQUATERMALCERT quality certification.

It takes between 6 and 8 hours to empty Caldea’s indoor lagoon, and about 60 hours to refill it.

The Inúu lagoon was inspired by the natural area of Pamukkale in southwest Turkey

The 9-metre-high cylindrical aquarium, which was made in Shanghai, is the backbone of the building where Inúu is located. It was inserted into the structure in two pieces, which were assembled once the parts of the cylinder had been positioned using cranes.

We have welcomed almost 9 million visitors (8,843,826 to be exact), which represents an average of about 1,000 per day.

More than 25,000 towels and 500,000 latex booties have been bought.

We would also love to be able to give you the statistics for the number of kisses that have been given in Caldea, or the number of laughs that have been heard in our hydromassage basins… but unfortunately we can’t (although we’re sure there are loooooaaaaaads 🙂).

We encourage you to summarise your next visit to Caldea in statistics and share them with us. How about it?

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