Care for your skin after a day in the snow with our thermal waters

El mejor après-ski

Your long-awaited getaway in the snow is here! That Friday feeling, watching the clock and counting down the hours, even though they don’t seem to want to pass… until finally, it’s time to leave. To leave behind work and routine and only think about the next two days when you’ll be enjoying skiing in Andorra.

Your skin, exposed to extreme conditions

Your skin is exposed to extreme conditions during the winter, particularly in the mountains. Even if you moisturise daily and protect yourself with sunscreen while you’re on the slopes, the low temperatures and dry environment can dehydrate your face, hands and feet. Your skin will need extra hydration and moisturising agents to repair its protective barriers and avoid cracking and flaking.

You can slather yourself in cream… or visit Caldea!

Allow us to suggest a simple remedy so your skin can recover at the end of the day: bathing in Caldea’s thermal waters. While not being a medical treatment, our thermal waters have natural hydrating properties and are rich in sulphides and minerals, as well as sodium-rich and oily substances that are like thermal plankton. By immersing yourself for a few hours, you’ll feel the antiallergenic, healing and decongestant effects on your skin.

Thermal water without losing the fun factor

Caldea’s thermal waters have been awarded the Aquatermalcert (ATC) certification of excellence, which verifies that the waters found in the Thermoludic, Likids and Inúu circuits retain the properties of the thermal spring from which they originate. So after a big day on the pistes, don’t think twice about continuing the fun at Caldea. On top of enjoying a great time, the skin on your face, hands and feet will be able to recover from the day’s extreme conditions, and you can return home with a hydration boost that you’ll notice as soon as you leave our centre.

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