Couple’s massage: an unforgettable experience

At Caldea, you can always find a new and surprising experience that you’ll want to repeat. And now we’re giving you the perfect excuse to escape from the routine: a couple’s massage. Forget the stress and endless to-do lists. Toss your swimwear in your suitcase and come and have a great time as a couple.

Benefits of a couple’s massage

Have you experienced the delights of a duo treatment yet? If not, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible.
The couple’s massage is performed in a double cabin featuring adjacent tables, with both of you being massaged by a professional at the same time. The treatment, which will be the same for the two of you, is synchronised and performed in the same way. In other words, it covers the same area of the body on each person at the same time, so you experience the same sensations as your partner. This encourages bonding and creates a unique moment of togetherness. It will bring you closer to one another, relaxing you in unison; a wonderful way for you to reconnect as a couple.

You can purchase the one-hour massage or the 30-minute massage. Both use almond oil, which is great for moisturising the skin and provides excellent regenerative and healing properties. Plus, the massage eases muscular tension and boosts circulation.
We recommend booking in advance as places are limited.

Keep on creating unique moments in Inúu

You can immerse yourself in the thermal waters before or after the couple’s massage. Make the most of the lovely weather by soaking up some sun in Inúu’s outdoor lagoon, lounging on the water beds or taking in the stunning mountain views in the Berlingot.
Book a pass for Inúu and you can also bathe in the grapefruit bath in Origins, as well as the new panoramic lagoon in Thermoludic, which offers 360º views of the mountains and lets you feel like you’re flying over the River Valira. All you need to bring is your swimwear, because bathing equipment rental (flip-flops, towel and bathrobe) is included in the price of admission.

Discover the Private Spa

This is the perfect time to discover Caldea’s most secret spot: the private spa. An oasis of tranquillity featuring a Jacuzzi, contrasting showers, a hammam and a sauna just for the two of you. You can also enjoy a light refreshment and a glass of cava to complete the experience.
30 minutes or 1 hour in the private spa can be added to your booking on top of the time included with your pass.

In this article, we presented a romantic experience with a couple’s massage so you can reconnect with each other while you disconnect from everything else. But we have plenty more suggestions for you. Follow us on our blog to get the inside scoop on all our ideas for enjoying Caldea this summer.

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